About Us

Eastgate Shopping Center in Henderson is place where you can enjoy anything, even when you are by yourself. Take a nice stroll and burn some of the calories that you accumulated over the day and enjoy people watching and taking a walk. Who knows? Probably, you will run into an old friend, and then you can catch up over a nice round of bowling.

Eastgate Shopping Center is so diverse in its selection, it's not only for humans. People with pets can bring their pets here for some pet grooming services. Or, if you want some alone time to yourself at our beauty salon, you can leave your dog at the pet grooming service for some doggy socialization while you go pretty yourself up. Whatever it is, Eastgate Shopping Center has it. Looking for a ‘tanning salon near me' or ‘supermarket near me'? Or maybe you want to look for a house and are looking for a ‘realtor office near me'. If you haven't guessed it, yes, we have those too. Eastgate Shopping Center is the only place that you need to go to. If you go there, we can't guarantee that you'll leave. Because, at Eastgate Shopping Center, you will never want to leave. So come check us out now.