Family Restaurant

Sebree, KY

It's the end of the work week, and after a hard week of work, nothing can make you feel better than hanging out with your family. This is something that you look forward to every weekend and you want nothing other than to have some fun and spend quality time with your wife and kids. Where can you go on a Friday night where you can have fun with your family near Sebree, Kentucky? Come into the Eastgate Shopping Center! The Eastgate Shopping Center is the place that you can go to for the family to have a good time and has everything to make your Friday night perfect.

Why not take your wife shopping and choose from the variety of retail stores that we have? Take the kids to the pet grooming store to take a look at animals. When you are done walking around and checking out all the services that we have, then pick a nice family restaurant from the selections that we have here at Eastgate Shopping Center. Our family restaurants have that in mind—family. Our family restaurants provide the atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy dinner without all the rowdiness that some places have. Need to burn off all those calories after visiting one of our family restaurants? Then come and wind the night down bowling with the family at the bowling alley. Food at a family restaurant and fun at the bowling alley sounds like the perfect outing and a way to kick off your weekend.

If you are around Sebree, Eastgate Shopping Center is the place to go to where you can have fun with your family. The focus of the Eastgate Shopping Center is being a place that you can go to that has everything that you need, so you don't have to waste time driving around everywhere. So come check out Eastgate Shopping Center.